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Trauma has become so commonplace that most people don’t even recognise that it is present, and it affects each of us differently.

If the subject of “TRAUMA” is brought up, most people think of war veterans or people who were severely abused as children. They think of people who are experiencing flashbacks, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, and anger.

Each of us has had some traumatic experience at some time of our lives, regardless of whether this left us with any obvious post- traumatic stress. Trauma symptoms can remain hidden for years after an event, thus for some of us we are not showing any obvious traumatic symptoms.

But, we could be triggered by something, and this could take us back to that past incident, which was not dealt with. The trigger could be a sound, smell, or image of something. We may not present with any severe symptoms, but we may have stress related to this incident and possibly the incident will limit us in our goals and beliefs.

The GOOD NEWS is that we don’t have to live in this cycle. Trauma can be worked with in a kind and gentle way.

Big traumas can take some time to work through, but once you start to chip away at all the fears and everything that is holding you back, your life will turn around in so many ways.

Small traumas we often brush away as not important, but if we don’t deal with them, they mount up and become a huge mountain for us to deal with.

Dealing with your traumatic incident big or small can be really scary…I get you.

I encourage you you deal with the incidents when they come up. If they are too scary to confront on your own then speak to someone such as a good friend or a counsellor.

Sending you kindness and support.

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