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Stress in any shape or form, big or small, can often lead to a variety of sleeping problems.

When we hold onto stress, anxiety or trauma, these create huge emotional turmoil or dis- ease in our bodies. The result is disrupted sleeping patterns and if not addressed, could manifester into lowering your body’s immune system. Thus you become physically sick.

Stress is a word that is used so often in this busy world that we live in, that it almost becomes an acceptable part of our lives.

Sometimes a little bit of stress is good for us, as it can be a good motivator to get us moving and doing something. Nothing like a deadline to get you to stop procrastinating about a project that you have to do.

On the other hand some stress is really bad for us, and this is the stress that we often try to ignore, and just hope that it goes away, or perhaps we just don’t want to go there.

As you well know, if your body is not getting enough sleep, it makes it even more difficult to cope with the stress, so it becomes a vicious circle.

I know exactly how this feels, as I was stuck in this cycle. I had a very traumatic event happen to me, I just kept pushing myself every day to keep moving forward and cope regardless. I was not sleeping at night, as this was when I was listening for sounds of people breaking into my home, and re living the fear. Hence, I was emotionally and physically exhausted.

I desperately started looking for ways that I could help myself, as I did not want to see a counsellor and re tell my story of this terrible event. Why would I want to re traumatize myself yet again. I had to tell my story over and over to the police and each time, I was just shivering in fear.

I am so grateful that I stumbled across a site on EFT(Emotional Free Techniques) or also known as Tapping. I enrolled for a weekend workshop and was absolutely blown away by how simple and effective it was. This led me down my path of further studies for myself, and to help others.

If you would like to know more about EFT, contact me here, and I will connect with you to send you more information.

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