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The EFT Tearless Trauma Technique

What is the Tearless Trauma Technique?

EFT is a method whereby it is possible to deal with intense issues or trauma in such a way that the distress surrounding the issues can be minimised or eliminated. The amazing thing about this method is that you don’t have to re tell your story in order to get some help. If one has had a really traumatic incident, it is often very painful to rehash this. With EFT, we are able to work together on the emotions surrounding the issue or event, and work towards gently clearing them.

How has this technique helped me?

In December 2007, my husband and I were attacked in our family home and my husband was shot. As you can imagine this was a very traumatic time and I spent many months trying to mask my emotions by keeping myself very busy with all my general responsibilities. I believed that I was strong and could cope with it all, but this was not so. I had many flash backs, was petrified to go outside at night and was having trouble sleeping. Everyone kept nagging me to seek some Psychological help, but this scared me even more as I did not want to relive the moment by having to tell my side of the story.

After 10 months of being in denial and believing that I was coping, I found an article on EFT and was intrigued by it’s possibilities. This lead me to enroll on a course so that I could learn more. I was blown away by the method and was able to work through many of my issues. It helped me to overcome my trauma and fears, as well as opening my eyes as to how amazing this tool is for so many things. I went on to study further to qualify as a practitioner, so that I could assist others and share this knowledge.

EFT is a very simple method that you can learn and have at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Contact me here for more information or for a free 30 minute call to see how I can assist you.

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