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“Stress is our reaction to a circumstance, and how we think about the situation”.

If you think about the above statement, it helps us to understand that the feeling of Stress is a very personalized feeling and reaction.

What’s stressful to one person may not be stressful to the next. Also people will react differently in similar situations.

So if we understand this, then it also explains why we will all find that different methods of Stress relief will work in different ways for us. Some of us will find meditation really good, while others may find physical exercise the best.

This is also true for the emotions that come up for us around the Stressful events. We will all respond differently and will all experience a different emotion, even if we are in the same event.

The important thing, is to recognize when you your starting to become over stressed, and give your self a short “Time-Out” which will allow you to take a breather. Acknowledge the emotions that are associated to the stress and find a way to release the emotions.

EFT/Tapping is a great way to tap down the intensity of the emotions, which will then allow you to carry on with your day.

Stress will always be in our lives in one way or another, we just need to be the MASTER of it and not the SLAVE.

If you want to learn more about the EFT process, read more here.

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