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You do not have to explode with anger or dissolve into tears whenever someone else decides to behave in an angry or vindictive way.

So often when someone else is having a bad day, they erupt and can say some very hurtful things to the people that are close to them.

Our natural behavior is to then internalize this and we may feel the following:-

  1. So angry, that we want to shout back

  2. Extremely hurt

  3. Tearful

  4. Rejected

  5. Resentful

  6. Unforgiving

  7. Stressed

The person who has lashed out is possibly under a lot of stress, and one does not know what that person is currently going through. You are not in control of them and their emotions. You are however in control of your reactions to them and your emotions to their acts.

Just because somebody else is having a BAD day, doesn’t mean that you must now have a BAD day too.

It is not always easy to reflect the negativity and anger when it is directed at you. This does become easy when you can start to look out for this pattern, and make a conscious effort to try to side step the wave of anger or negativity.

I find visualization really helps me.

When I was a child, I was very frightened of the sea, and getting knocked over by the waves. My brother taught me, that if you dived under the wave, then you would not get tumbled, and would come out the other side okay.

I always visualize now, ducking under this big wave of anger or negativity, and standing up on the other side, totally untouched by it and smiling. This really helps me when someone is angry and trying really hard to spoil my day.

Find something that works for you to visualize and get in charge of your emotions rather than your emotions in charge of you.

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