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Working with Stress

Everybody gets stressed at some point, and that is okay. We can’t stop stress and we can’t predict when it will happen. Beating ourselves up about getting stressed will only make the matter worse.

Recent studies have found that in times of stress, our goal directed behavior goes out the window and is replaced by routine behaviors. Depending on the habits that we have, when life stressing us out, means we can fall back into good or bad habits.

The goals that we have set can be easily disrupted when we experience stress. We can’t always stop the stress, thus our willpower to stick to the goal disappears. Our brain then relies on our established routines.

Thus, establishing a good/healthy routine is of utmost importance as this is what we will draw on in the hard times.

These good habits include things like:-

  1. Going to the gym

  2. Taking a walk

  3. Meditation

  4. Reading

  5. Eating healthy

  6. Planning daily agendas to accommodate work and self-care

  7. Inspirational reading

  8. Listening to anything the lifts your spirit or feeds positivity.

I am sure you can add many more to this list above.

I know for myself, when I am going through a tough emotional time, if I have been practicing a set routine, it is so much easier to fall into step with it, rather than to try to create a new one.

I know we are all super busy, but I think we can make an appointment with ourselves, even if it is only for 15 minutes a day, to do some self-care or filling of our own cup. This in itself is one healthy routine that you can hold onto always.

I wish you success and joy in creating healthy habits.

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