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What is the best way to heal from a Traumatic event?

This is of course the fifty million Dollar question and there is not one correct or best answer. Just as the event was unique to you with your emotions and feelings in that moment, so too will be your road to your journey to recovery. Everybody reacts differently in moments of extreme stress or trauma and it is important to remind ourselves that we did the best that we could in those given circumstances. When the body is about to be subject to extreme stress or trauma, the brain activates the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn triggers the release of hormones that enables our body to respond to danger. This puts our body into the Fight-Flight-Freeze Response. I have written a blog post on this previously which you can read here.

Some common feelings after the event: –

  1. Inability to sleep or rest.

  2. Loss of appetite.

  3. Withdrawal from people or workplace or routine.

  4. Overactivity – thus keeping oneself very busy to the point of exhaustion.

  5. Binge eating or snacking or over eating.

  6. Tearfulness.

  7. Depression.

  8. What if…..I did something different….then the outcome would have been different.

  9. Self-doubt.

  10. Guilt.

  11. Shame.

  12. Anger.

  13. Feeling physically ill.

  14. Diarrhoea.

Just remember that all feelings and emotions are welcome. This is your journey to recovery, and it was your traumatic or stressful event. Don’t allow others to degrade or diminish your emotions or feelings.

Some basic things to try: –

  1. Find someone who you can talk to about your feelings and emotions.

  2. Some people find it easier to write things down in a journal.

  3. If you are finding it hard to focus on daily tasks, start a daily agenda or a to-do-list to help you stay on track and keep focused.

  4. Be mindful to eat healthy meals throughout the day, even if you are not hungry.

  5. Drink sufficient water throughout the day.

  6. Avoid the intake of excessive alcohol and drugs to numb the pain.

  7. Any form of exercise is good medicine for the body, even if it is just going out for a short walk.

  8. Try to practice breathing exercisers to reduce the stress and anxiety.

  9. Try meditation even if it is only 5-10 minutes a day.

  10. Try to resume your normal routine as soon as possible after the event.

  11. Remember to ask for help and support from friends and family.

The best way to heal from a traumatic event is ….your way!

Should you require a little help working through your traumatic event, send me an email at to set up a free 15-minute complimentary call to see how I can assist you.

I specialize in helping you work through trauma and stress in the kindest way.

I look forward to chatting with you.

In kindness and support

Kim Colman

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