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Do you struggle to speak up for yourself or express your feelings in the best way?

The definition of communication is: – “Simply to transfer information from one place to another” This makes it sound so easy. For some people it is, but for others not so easy.

Communication is vital in all areas of our lives and directly relates to the outcomes and experiences that we have in those areas. Some of us are really great communicators, and have no problem speaking up, sharing our thoughts and verbalising. For others, they just can’t get the words out, or don’t know how to express themselves, or maybe are fearful to do so.  This can create stress and unease for us.

If we look at babies, they have no problem crying out, laughing, making noises etc. Somewhere along our journeys of growing up, we experience different things, which gives us different characters and personalities. This is what makes us all individuals, with our own paths and experiences. We find some people are ’extroverts’ and love being in crowds and have no problem standing up to give a speech. On the other end of the scale is your ‘introvert”, who prefers to be alone and would definitely not enjoy being the centre of attraction. We also find that during childhood experiences, our body and mind remembers incidents and these get stuck in our energy system. In our later years, we can find ourselves stumbling to speak out or achieve goals because of something that happened to us many years back.

I still struggle to speak up and communicate to others regarding my feelings and needs. I have been on a personal healing and learning journey since 2009, as well as assisting others. I have found some different skills and tools that have helped me to gain some courage and confidence to stand up and be heard.

Do you need help communicating with your boss/partner/husband/friend?

Are you struggling to find the right words to say?

Are you fearful that you may offend or hurt others, so best keep quiet and deny yourself?

Do you wish that after a disagreement, you were able to have said or done something different?

What is or has stopped you from being able to do this?

I have traced mine back to my childhood, where it was not safe to speak out about what was happening. So best just keep quiet and try to protect everyone. This created huge emotional turmoil or dis-ease, resulting in me becoming physically ill.

I would love to help you find your inner voice so that you can communicate easily and honestly in all areas of your life, so that your needs and emotions can be heard and met.

Contact me here for a FREE 30-minute mini coaching call

I look forward to chatting with you.

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