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Stress is a word that we all say at least once a day. “I am so stressed” “He just stresses me out” “I have so much stress in my life”.

Our bodies show this stress by us being bent over with tight neck and shoulder spasms, headaches and cramps.

We can plan our days and deal with the emergencies that crop up, but how do you deal with those things or people who push your trigger buttons that then create you stress?

These buttons that get pushed are most often created in our childhood or earlier days. For example, when your boss compares your presentation, you get so stressed out, as this pushes one of your buttons. He may not be saying that your presentation is bad, but you immediately feel that you are inadequate or not good enough, as this is the writing on your wall, or what the history is telling you.

This could be one of your childhood memories when Dad used to say…”Why can’t you be as clever as your brother”

The question is….. how do we deactivate or learn to switch these triggers or buttons off. When we were young we were taught many things in order to learn and stay safe. Our parents, teachers and carers did the best that they could, with the information that they had.

We now know so much more about how our subconscious mind gets programmed and the power of positive self-talk.

I will show you a simple technique that you can use to put a dimmer switch on those trigger buttons, so that you can take control and turn then down or off if you desire.

Get CONTROL on WHO or WHAT stresses you out.

If this sounds like something that you are keen to find out more about, connect with me here to set up a Free Complimentary call, where we will chat and I will send you a Free guide to assist you.

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