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“When obstacles arise, you change your DIRECTION to reach your goal; you do not change your DECISION to get there.” – Zig Ziglar

When we set out in our car and plan to drive to a destination, perhaps there is a traffic jam or a road closure. We don’t just give up and head home – we find another route to get there. Sometimes it takes us a bit longer, but we reach our intended destination.

What I have described above sounds simple. But, why do we find it so difficult to reach our goals or visions when the path gets tough?

Could it be that our inner self talk or self-criticism is self sabotaging us?

Are we fearful that when we reach this goal we may have to be visible and show up

Are we just too overwhelmed by the stress in trying to achieve this goal?

When setting goals we need to get clear on the purpose and to make sure that it is always in line with our values. When we act within this, it gets easier to stay on track, and any obstacles that come up will not dampen your drive to achieve.

Once you have set your goal, break it down into smaller manageable steps. I would like to go back to the car journey- sometimes on a long journey we stop for refreshments, or just to get out and take a break. This makes the car journey more pleasant.

Breaking up the big goal into smaller milestones, allows you to achieve along the way and this boosts your self confidence as well as giving you the feeling of success.

Always celebrate your small successes along the way. This will fuel you to keep going, and will make it so much easier to tackle any obstacles or hurdles that pop up. You will tackle these with confidence and clarity, to find or alter your next step to the big goal.

In life we can never control what is going to happen, and things are never going to go as planned. When things come up to block our path, we can make a clear decision on the best next step when we are in control of what we want and our values.

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