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Body & Mind Self-Care

Our days are always so full of demands and our schedules are booked with appointments. The question is…do we book or make a time slot for ourselves? Even if it is 5-10 minutes, this can make such a huge difference in our stress levels for the day. Try to book yourself some “TIME OUT” in your agenda every day which is your golden time.

These exercises should take about 5-10 minutes and can be done anywhere or anytime.

  1. Sit or lie  in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.

  2. Take a deep breath inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Start to feel your body getting heavier as you sink deep down into the surface you are on.

  3. Visualise each and every muscle on your body from head to toe.

  4. Contract each of those muscles starting from your head down to your toes. Feel the release of tension when you let go of each contraction.

  5. Visualise a sphere of bright light, about 20cm in diameter above your head. Allow this light to enter your body starting from your head and letting it circulate the entire body. As the light goes through your body, visualise smoke going out from your fingers and toes. Send away with the smoke all the negativity and impurity in your body and mind. Do this 3 times; the first time the smoke is a dark grey colour, then grey and then light grey.

  6. After this, visualise your body full of white light from inside. Then think of jumping up but without actually moving.

  7. Conclude by rubbing your hands together and massaging your face.

  8. Now open your eyes and feel at peace within yourself and energised.

If you are struggling with stress overload or a trauma that is causing you stress, please contact me on and I will be happy to have a complimentary call with you to see how I can assist you.

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