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I took this picture a few years ago in Amsterdam and it is always a a huge reminder to me as to how we all sometimes feeling. LIKE WE ARE CARRYING THE WORLD AROUND ON OUR SHOULDERS. I am a person who is always busy and I tend to take on a lot of tasks and often forget to to put myself in my priorities. At the moment I have lots of neck and shoulder tension and feel like I am that person in the picture struggling to hold that big object up.

This visual reminder today was a good one for me, that this tension doesn’t feel good and and I need to put some of my relaxation methods into practice more.

If you are like me, we get so driven to just plug on and get everything checked off the to-do-list and take on more tasks because we can, and just keep going regardless. Then, of course we forget about ourselves or our needs, or even taking breaks. The Self-Care word just gets forgotten. I hate to say NO to anything or any one, but sometimes saying NO, means saying YES to myself.

Sometimes there is the fear that what If I say NO, then what? Will I be rejected by that person? Will they never ask me again? There may be many fears, emotions or unanswered questions going around your brain.

But most of all, do what feels right for you and what is in alignment with your values. Remember that in the moment you don’t have to give a YES answer. You can give a “Can I check my agenda and get back to you” answer. This gives you a breather to check if you can fit this request into you schedule without going into overwhelm.

Finding the correct balance between Self-Care, pleasing yourself and pleasing others is sometimes difficult. It is a bit like baking a good cake, we need a little bit of all the correct ingredients to get a successful cake. I wish everyone a fantastic day and hope that you all do something that is for you today and that fills your energy tank.

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