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When we make mistakes, we so often regret the action and beat ourselves up about it. We store all sorts of negative emotions around our mistake, similar to collecting stones in a backpack.

Every time we make another mistake, we just keep adding to that pile of negative stones in our backpack. Eventually this backpack starts to get really heavy and causes us physical pain.

When we store up negative emotions and excess stress, it eventually starts to show up physically in our bodies.

This could be in different ways such as:-

  1. Insomnia.

  2. Weight gain.

  3. Weight loss.

  4. Skin disorders.

  5. Headaches.

  6. Low energy.

What if, instead of REGRET, we REFLECT on our mistakes.

We can’t go back in time and change what was done, but we can learn from our mistakes and use this lesson as a stepping stone towards our future goals and journeys.

From every mistake we can find one positive thing that we learned or perhaps found a great support structure. This is what we must carry forward with us and use it to climb to the next milestone in our journey.

Rather than carrying your mistakes around with you, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones.

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