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For some of us 2019 has had many challenges and heartaches. For others of us 2019 has had many celebrations and milestones achieved.

No matter where you stand in this equation, I encourage you to put all the happenings behind you, and focus on what you would like for 2020.

Here are a few questions that you could ask yourself, that could help you to set your mind and perhaps a few attainable goals for 2020.

  1. What didn’t work for me this year? – this could be work or relationship related.

  2. What do I need to do more of in order to feel more energised or less stressed?

  3. How can I make my daily tasks more joyful?

  4. What is my personal short term goal for 2020?

  5. What is my work related short term goal for 2020?

  6. How will I know when I have reached these short term goals that I have set?

  7. How will I reward myself when I have attained these goals?

  8. Do I have an outlet in place when my emotions overwhelm me?

Starting a new year often feels like one can wipe the slate clean. Forgive yourself for what you didn’t do or achieve and plan in small steps to walk this path.

We judge and beat ourselves up about what we did and didn’t do, or how we reacted to situations that happened. It is over, and we can’t go back and change the past, but we can plan forward and create a future plan.

If you are struggling with some unresolved emotions and you would like a little help to clear these before the year closes, I would love to assist you with a Complementary call. Contact me here and I will connect with you.

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