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When we experience something painful, very stressful or traumatic, we often deal with it as quick as possible and try to just forget about it as best we can and move on.

So why then is this so difficult?

We find ourselves getting triggered and experiencing ongoing stress with all sorts of emotions popping up.

I get you!

I experienced a very traumatic home invasion a few years back and I did not want to discuss the process over and over, so as best I could, I thought I could just keep as busy as possible and carry on and it would just fade away.

But alas, this was not true. When I heard a loud bang, I was instantly triggered, as this brought me straight back to the sound of the gunshot that they fired next to my head. I became overwhelmed and was scared to reach out to someone to speak about my emotions as I just felt that if I broke down and cried, I would never stop. I did not want to crack open the egg.

I then went in search to find different methods that were kind and gentle to heal myself, and this has been my saving grace. Self-healing is an ongoing process and we all need to find ways that work for us. We are all unique, but most important we deserve to feel safe again and enjoy life.

If you are struggling, I encourage you to reach out to someone who will listen and assist you with kindness.

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