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I know that Fear will be a player in my life in some shape or form, and how I choose to deal with it will be part of my path.

When something is too scary to deal with, I sometimes think I can just sweep it under the carpet, think it is hidden and it will just go away. This of course it not the answer, as out of the blue, something comes up to trigger me, and I am back in that moment or feel that fear again.

Facing my fear can be really scary and hard, yet I know once I have got over the hill, it will feel fantastic. It is a bit like carrying a huge backpack of rocks around with you, and just putting that backpack down….what a relief.

We do however need to find ways to help us face these fears that are gentle.

I am fortunate to have found some techniques that work really well for me and they don’t re traumatize me if the event or fear is really big. I have found with experience that it is important to work slowly, in baby steps and create small achievable goals.

FEAR doesn’t have to mean :- Forget Everything And Run

Fear can mean :- Face Everything And Rise

YOU DON’T HAVE TO FACE YOUR FEAR ALONE I will work with you to help you find the root of your fears and to enable you to overcome them. We work at your pace keeping you safe in the kindest way. Email to request a Complimentary Call if you wish to find out any more information or would like to chat about any assistance in overcoming your fear.

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