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I read this quote again this morning and felt the need to share it. It reminded me of the saying…”How do you eat an elephant?..One spoon at a time” When we attempt a new task or even trying to develop new habits, it can seem so difficult and huge.

When we break things up into small baby steps and achieve on all these small milestones, we gain the courage to keep going and our self confidence gets a boost. You will also find that the task becomes pleasant and not so scary.

It is sometimes so hard to take that first step as we are conditioned to do what we always do. We think the thoughts we always thought and doing anything new or different is scary. I encourage you today to take a step to change something that isn’t working for you. It doesn’t have to be anything huge or irrational to start with like quitting your job instantly with no plan. IF YOU ARE FEELING TOTALLY STRESSED OUT, WHAT IS THE ONE THING THAT YOU CAN DO TODAY TO GIVE YOURSELF A SHORT BREATHER AND PROVIDE SELF-CARE TO YOURSELF?

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