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“Wherever you are, it is your friends who make your world”.⁣⁣

This has been so true for me. Friendships are like a lifeline.⁣

I read a post the other day from a Facebook friend, who shared a health disappointment in a positive way. She got loads of support and encouragement from people worldwide.⁣⁣

Social Media is a place where we share inspirational messages, but this can also be a place where we can gather as an “Army of light” and cheer or support each other.⁣

I know myself, I never share if I am going through a tough time, but If one doesn’t reach out, nobody knows. This is not about just moaning and whoa is me, but just asking for people to send light, love or even healing⁣

I have been a bit absent from my Social Media pages, as I have been supporting a close loved one who is very sick. In times like this, all I can do is just be there and give kindness and support. I unfortunately can’t fix the health issues. All I can do is hold the space for them and show care and love.⁣⁣

If you need a virtual hug, healing or cheering on, let’s hold the space for one another.⁣

Comment below if you are in need of some virtual cheering on, support or caring.⁣

I appreciate and value everyone in this virtual space.⁣

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