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What if……each day from the time you were a small child, you had been given an extra helping of self-confidence, double the amount of determination and twice the amount of belief in the outcome.

Can you imagine what tasks you might accomplish more easily, what problems you would overcome, or what goals you could reach. After all, success, ultimately is up to the individual.

It isn’t the pen – it’s the writer; it isn’t the road – it’s the runner that counts.

When you watch a small child who is learning to walk, they just keep trying no matter how many times they fall over. They get back up again and are cheered on by their onlookers. No matter how many times they fall or how funny they step, they can do no wrong by the people that watch them in awe.

This encouragement is what the child thrives on and ultimately the child succeeds in a short space of time to master the art of walking.

This is food for thought, as how powerful is this cheering on for this and many other areas in our lives, from childhood to our adult years. We don’t have to wait for others to cheer us on, but we can be our own cheerleaders.

I find it so amazing that we find it so easy to be our own Judge and Criticiser, and yet we struggle to be our own Cheerleader. We can support and pat a friend on the back, yet we can’t do this for ourselves.

We tend to be really hard on ourselves and expect ourselves to be perfect, otherwise we don’t deserve.

I am wondering what the outcome would be, if we were to catch ourselves in the moment next time, and ask this question…”Is this what I would say, or how I would treat my best friend?”

This should make you pause and perhaps cause you to be kinder to yourself. This will automatically build your self-confidence.

Ultimately you are responsible for your own happiness, and this starts with being kind to yourself.

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