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Are there days when perhaps you just feel like everything just seems too much to handle?

This could be as a result of just too many things on our To-Do List, or just too many emotions going around our heads.

When I am feeling like this, I ask myself..”How can I let myself off the hook for a few of these things today?

If I feel overwhelmed by all the things that I need to accomplish on that day, this is what I do:-

  1. I write everything down on a list, which helps to focus a plan.

  2. I prioritise what is absolutely necessary for that day..

  3. I notice what is on the list for me and what is on the list to help others.

  4. I schedule the non urgent tasks to another day.

If I am feeling so overwhelmed by emotions and just can’t focus, I visualise a big hook in the corner of my office, and then visualise myself just safely hanging my emotions on this hook so that I can clear my mind to focus.

When we have too many emotions at once, we struggle to deal with or sort out how we are feeling. We could mentally take one emotion off the hook at a time and try to work through it. This is sometimes a lot easier than being flooded with many conflicting emotions.

Sometimes when I am being hard on myself…like trying to record the “perfect video”, I put that “Miss Perfectionist” part of me on that hook, and just do the best that I can without judging myself.

We could be much kinder to ourselves in many ways.

Today, I challenge you to look at your To-Do list and see what you can “Let yourself off the hook” for. Give yourself some breathing space and you will be amazed at how this will ease the stress factor.

I am Kim Colman and I specialize in helping people to manage stress and overcome trauma.

For more information about me, you can click here.

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