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“Setbacks and stressors are bridges to be crossed to our goals… not barricades to keep us from them”- Stephen Pierce

When I read this quote this morning, it gave such a beautiful visual picture to me of all the bridges that I have crossed from setbacks.

I guess it is always easier to look back at a hard time than it is to look forward from a hard place.

When people talk about goals, some of us shut down, as we think we have to have big important ones to hit. We then just don’t set any as there is the fear of failure, or “I am just not good enough”, or “I can never achieve that”.

How about we start by just setting small daily goals.

Here are a few examples, but there are many:-

  1. Drinking more water today.

  2. Taking 15 minutes out of my day for Self-care.

  3. Tackle your most difficult item on your To-Do List first.

  4. Add some joy to a tedious task- such as listen to fun music while you clean.

  5. Do one thing for yourself to recharge your energy cup.

  6. Exercise for 30 mins.

  7. Read or watch something that enriches you.

When we have encountered a big stress or setback, we sometimes just want to be like an ostrich. Put our head in the sand and hope it all goes away. This is never the case though. We need to keep getting up and going forward.

If we look at babies who are starting to walk, they fall many times. They don’t give up….they stand up again and keep trying until they get it right. They however have a cheering squad behind them urging them on and encouraging them.

Babies don’t have the negative self-talk that we have, or any of the fears of failure. Our brains over the years have stored all sorts of data and some of this does try to keep us safe, while some of it also holds us back.

I encourage you today to build your bridge and cross it with kindness to yourself to achieve your goals and dreams, no matter how big or small.

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