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In this video below, I talk about the two top reasons that come up for most people.

1. is “ I just don’t have the time in my day for it”

2. is “ I don’t feel worthy”

Self-care as we all know is extremely important as this is our inner fuel that keeps us going. Just like we have to eat food and drink water to stay healthy physically, we also need to do things to feed our inner soul.

Self-care could be things like, taking time out for some exercise, meditation, prayer, reading, deep breathing, visiting a friend, or anything that you enjoy.

For those of us who have very busy schedules and just never have any time left at the end of the day, I get you. This can be so difficult. I found that the only way to overcome this, was to make an appointment in my agenda for myself. This only has to be for 15 mins. I block out the time, and I show up, and keep the appointment with myself. Find the timing in your agenda that would be easiest for you and don’t cancel on yourself, no matter what.

Some of my clients say to me “ I just don’t feel worthy or like I have achieved or done enough to deserve any self-care”. No matter how hard things are or how much one struggles, filling your own energy tank is a priority. If your spirits are low, you will struggle even more. Exercise will increase your natural endorphins and engaging in uplifting reading will do wonders for your self-esteem.

I encourage each and everyone to schedule in at least one appointment with yourself per day for 15 mins. Even if you just take a quiet coffee/ tea break and gather your thoughts.

You are worth it and your inner energy tank will thank you.

I am Kim Colman and I specialize in helping people to manage stress and overcome trauma.

I thank you for being here with me today and I wish you well.

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