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What is Sexual Bullying

What is Sexual Bullying?

Sexual bullying includes a wide range of behaviors from name calling to sexual assault. This must be taken seriously and fully investigated by parents, teachers or persons in authority.

This form of bullying is not only directed towards woman and girls, it is often found that men and young boys are the targets as well.

Sexual bullying undermines one’s dignity and safety, as well as affecting their emotional well being. This often leads to depression, isolation, eating disorders and self-harming. This is why it is vital to seek help in resolving this form of bullying.

Some examples of sexual bullying are:

  1. Spreading rumours of a sexual nature

  2. Abusive and or sexual name calling

  3. Inappropriate and uninvited touching

  4. Circulating pictures of inappropriate or sexual nature

  5. In the most extreme form, sexual assault or rape

If you suspect that someone you know is being sexually bullied, please ask someone to assist you in approaching them to get correct aid and protection.

Contact me here for more assistance.

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