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What is Cyber Bullying

What is cyber bullying?

This is any form of bullying, which takes place online or with a mobile device. Cyber bullying is rife on the Internet and most young people will experience it at some time. Social sites and gaming forums can be great fun, but what do you do when things go wrong? There is a lot that you can do to protect yourself in the beginning when setting up these accounts, as well as getting abusive material removed quickly when you see it.

Problems which can occur are the following:-

  1. Stolen identity

  2. Threats

  3. Blackmail

  4. Rumours and gossip

  5. Abusive comments

Stolen Identity happens when someone either hacks into your account or pretends to be you when they set up a new account. Make sure that you don’t let anyone see you signing in and if they do, change the password as soon as you can. Also, when you have logged in on a non-private device, make sure that you remember to log yourself out when you are done.

Threats made to you online. This person could be committing a criminal offence, and it is essential to tell your parents or an adult, so that they can make a complaint to the police or relevant authority. If you can print out the threats or take a screen shot, so that you have this as evidence.

Blackmail is when people try to put pressure on you to do things that you don’t want to do. For example, they may ask you to send compromising pictures or videos of them. If you don’t do this then they threaten that they will tell embarrassing stories to your parents and friends. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Rumors and gossip are vicious and most of the time are spread by people who were once your best friends. Only tell people things if it wouldn’t embarrass you if other people found out about them. Posting false and malicious things about people on the Internet can be a form of harassment. The worst thing about social networking websites is that anything nasty posted about you can be seen by lots of people, because it’s so public.

Abusive comments made to you online. It’s tempting to have a go back if someone makes a rude posting on your web space but don’t. Abusive comments are very upsetting, but the best way to deal with them is to get them removed by the host website if you cant remove them yourself.

If you want any more information or need any assistance on Cyber Bullying, please contact me here.

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