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What is Bullying

What is bullying?

Bullying affects many people and happens in different places. The way that this is handled and the coping skills given, can make a huge difference to moving on daily and in the future.

Bullying can take many forms including:

  1. physical assault

  2. teasing

  3. making threats

  4. name calling

  5. cyber bullying

Bullying can happen anywhere and anytime. Such as, at school, extramural events, in sporting teams, in the home, in the neighbourhood or in the workplace.

What is the definition of bullying?

It is a repeated behaviour which is intended to hurt someone either physically or emotionally, and is often aimed at certain people because of their religion, gender, race, disability, or appearance.

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is bullying through a mobile phone or online forms of social media. This is just as serious as any other type of bullying.

How to deal with bullying at school

If you are being bullied at school, report it to a friend, a teacher and your parents. It is often hard to do this, but it won’t stop unless you speak up and get help to stop the Bully.

Bullying includes:

  1. Stealing of possessions or money

  2. Physical assaults such as hitting, biting, shoving and pinching

  3. Name calling

  4. Spreading malicious rumours

  5. Spreading false facts to get you in trouble with the authorities

  6. Teasing

  7. Breaking your personal belongings

  8. Posting insulting rumours, pictures or messages about you online(Cyberbullying).

  9. Threats

  10. Making offensive or abusive phone calls to you.

Hitting someone is an assault

If someone hits you, then it is definitely an assault. Try to stay in areas where there are lots of people so that you will always be safe. If you get hurt, notify someone in an authoritative position immediately.

What to do?

If you feel you can’t cope, tell someone with authority or your parents, and ask if you can get some support or skills to cope. If a bully sees that they can upset you then they will keep trying. It is always best to try to dismiss the malicious remarks. Many people are the victim of bullying and it’s important to remember that no one should be bullied.

If you think your child is being bullied, request a complimentary call now.

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