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The definition of “Perfectionism” is the refusal to accept any standard short of perfection.

Perfectionism can be a great quality to have, as it makes us strive to deliver our very best at all times.

Steve Jobs was a perfectionist and paid careful attention to every minute detail of his Apple products.

But, sometimes perfectionism can be very stressful and cause us to avoid tasks or not complete them. We will not even attempt to try something that we feel we could not achieve perfectly.

This also means that we don’t take risks and our creativity is squashed.

Perfectionists are constantly judging themselves and often worry about how others will interpret them and their work. This can be very exhausting and we need to be mindful of our inner self-talk.

I struggle with perfectionism and over the last few years, I have realised, that if I wait till something is perfect before I put it out there, it is never going to get out.

I now have a new mantra that I live by…”TAKE ACTION AND REVISE LATER”

This really helps to take the pressure off the part of me that is ”Miss Perfectionist”. This gives me permission to do my best, then deliver, even if I don’t think it is 100% perfect. I then give myself permission that I can go back at a later stage an improve or change.

This action plan enables me to meet my goals, keep my values and do it with less stress.

When you understand Perfectionism and accept that it is in your personality, it is important to work with this and reap the positive rewards as opposed to the negative ones.

I have made friends with “My Perfectionism” and I understand the good and bad parts now. I am aware of my feelings and emotions around it, and work with it as a strength.

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