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One way to prevent bullying is by raising your child’s self-confidence.

This is an essential way to building their self-esteem.

While insult and injury are part of life and can be crippling, a child with healthy self-confidence is more likely to be resilient, to be an individual, and not to follow the group.

When the child is confident, they know their strengths and weaknesses, and can then learn from other people rather than feel threatened by them.

Here are a few tips on helping your child develop confidence:-

  1. Give your child responsibilities.

  2. Be a role model yourself for your children.

  3. Establish routines and boundaries with your child.

  4. Help your child learn to be a problem-solver.

  5. Celebrate your child’s successes.

  6. Encourage your child to try to master tasks he is struggling with and not to give up.

Do you need help getting your child on track and building their self-confidence?

Contact me here for any questions that you may have.

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