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I remember an incident that happened to me in my childhood that I was not in control of, which then created a limiting belief for me.

The incident was at school and I was called on to say a speech in front of the class. There was a small group of girls who laughed and made fun of me.

My limiting belief that I carried with me for years was that I am no good at public speaking and I don’t want to be visible in crowds.

When I look back at that event now, I ask myself – What valuable experience could I have learned from this?

1. Maybe it didn’t matter how good or bad my school speech was, those 5 girls were still going to giggle and make fun of me anyway.

2. The other 35 students listened and didn’t make fun of anything that I said even when I stumbled on a word.

3. Every student that stands up to do a speech gets nervous and no one is perfect.

Forgive yourself for your shortcomings, free yourself from guilt and let your past be your past. Every learning lesson is a valuable experience. Let go of what is no longer in your control, so that you can move forward stronger and wiser.

We all stumble and make mistakes. No one is perfect. Let go of what is no longer in your control.

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