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Clients often tell me that they feel so overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start, so they just don’t start at all.

Does this sound familiar to you?

When there is just too much to deal with or way too much going on, we just don’t know where to begin or what to feel. Some of us then totally shut down and as I like to visualize this, we go into tortoise mode. We bring our hands, legs and head inside our hard protective shell and hide. We wait until we think it may be safe for us to take action about something, or do that hard thing.

Going into tortoise mode can be okay if you need a short time out to reset, meditate or rethink. But, the longer you stay in tortoise mode, the harder it gets for you to get yourself moving again.

One thing that I do with my clients, is to get them to write down on paper all the things that are an issue right now. Then next to those, note which ones are their issues that they have control over right now. These are the things that they can work on and have an influence on right now. In this list are items that are things in their lives and part of their business that they have direct control over. This list should be smaller than the first initial list.

The list is now more focused and has things on that one can control as they are influenced by you and your own life and are not other people’s business or things. This is where you start.

My clients then break down this smaller list into manageable steps with achievable goals. We now feel that perhaps WE CAN START even if it is just a small baby step. But moving forward is better than standing still.

Even though the tortoise walks slowly, it is steady and will win the race against overwhelm.

If you are currently in overwhelm right now, what is one tiny thing that you can do to take action right now, even if it is small?

I would love to assist you with this, even if you put comments below, I will cheer you on.

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