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Every new challenge or difficulty is an opportunity to find a new resource and discover ourselves more fully.

When times are tough, or we are going through a really rough time, it is never pleasant. But it is in these moments that we find or discover strengths or qualities about ourselves that we would never previously have discovered.

If we see our challenges or difficulties as opportunities to learn, and develop as a person, then we walk away with a positive experience, rather than feeling frustrated.

When we are faced with a challenging situation, we are often forced to go out of our comfort zone to be able to solve it, which can be scary. But if you think of the Diamond, this beautiful stone is made from carbon that is put under severe pressure.

When we are put under pressure or stress in a situation, we may do some of the following:

  1. Research new ways to solve the problem.

  2. Reach out to friends or family for help.

  3. Gain inner strength and confidence.

  4. Show gratitude for your journey.

  5. Discover some strengths in yourself that you previously thought you never had.

  6. Gain trust in yourself.

  7. Form strong friendships.

If you have had a really tough period in your life or traumatic experience, try to look back on it now and write down all the positive things that came out of this experience. In that moment, this will have been very hard, but looking back at it will be easier.

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