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“In life we cannot always control what happens to us, but we can always control the meaning of the events and we can either choose to GROW or WITHER in every moment”.

Sometimes events or things are going to happen to us which may seem unfair or even traumatic. We become a victim of circumstances and in the moment react the best that we possibly can.

Once the immediate threat or event is over, we sometimes hash out what we could or should have done or said. This changes nothing, as it has already gone and is in the past.

All we can do, is assess where we are now, and choose to learn something about ourselves or find one positive moment that we can hold onto and move forward. Thus we GROW.

To wallow in the negative and self-pity or victim mode means we stay stuck. Thus we WITHER.

When we have been in a situation that is out of our control, we often feel totally disempowered. Choosing to learn and grow from this negative situation puts us back into an empowered state.

Remember always try to choose empowered growth over disempowered withering.

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